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Packaging Is Key – How to make your personal brand

emmanuel Quayson

I have come accross people especially some ladies who don’t naturally look so beautiful, but the way they carry themselves, their dress up, talks, smiles and general gestures makes them irresistibly attractive. On the other hand, I have also come accross some that have all the physical attributes of a beautiful woman going for them but just don’t know how to maintain themselves. Most married women fall culprits here. Their dressing, way of talking, how they carry themselves generally makes them look so unattractive.

You could be more beautiful, just add some style, class and a bit of a pleasant personality to your looks. Come to think of it, we are all not all that beautiful or handsome like that but how we carry ourselves makes us marketable or not. Everyone has a part of himself or herself that they would have preferred an enhancement or for it to look different but some manage their lack quite well while others flag it to the whole world to make them look more unattractive to themselves and then to the world out there.

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We have all being created in imperfection. You have a beautiful nose but your head could have been much better, a beautiful teeth but your mouth could have been much better, a beautiful body but your height could have been much better. In which ever way, accept your imperfections and work on your personal appeal and don’t just dwell on your weakness to make yourself vulnerable out there.

We the men are neither excluded. Some men think grooming is for ladies so can dress and present themselves any how. That is also an error. Presentation and personal appeal has nothing to do with designer wear. I hardly do designer wears but whatever I put on I make sure it creates an impression. Looking good has nothing to do with money or the expensive things you wear, just personal appropriate grooming with the simple things you have around you. That’s all. Neat presentation, proper colour combination, ironing and confidence in attire.

As for you, you are waiting to become like Bill Gates before you dress well because you are a Rasta man. Somebody will steal your girlfriend or your wife, somebody will steal your husband or boyfriend because you don’t know how to dress. It is not hardness, it is lack of civilisation.

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I always tell myself if I die who will put on all the nice clothes or shoes I have? I will rock it whiles I live. The downside of it is that sometimes I find myself dressing down to more serious events and dressing up rather to more casual events because I always like to dress nice. Sometimes too it just depends on the mood, but whatever be the case before you step out of your door everyday make sure people have very little to say about your dressing. Carry an attitude of style, fashion and charisma once you walk out of your door everyday. Don’t be loose in your apparel. Packaging is key.

Quayson The Writer

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