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NYC Bus Driver Refuses To Drive Bus Full Of Arrested Protestors In Solidarity (Video)

A bus driver has refused to move his vehicle which was fully loaded with arrested protesters by New York police in a move of solidarity

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Over the last few days, protests have been organized across the United states following the killing of unarmed George Floyd by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin and 3 others after his neck was kneed on for close to 8 minutes by then officer Chauvin.

The New York Police Department officers had arrested protestors and loaded them into the bus to be carried to the station.

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According to the video posted by Instagram user Francis Brownson, the driver in an apparent solidarity move refused to drive the vehicle, a move which received applause from the gathered protestors.

Some of the protests have turned ugly especially in the epicenter Minneapolis where many buildings have been torched and in Ohio where the White house there was broken into.

Derek Chauvin, has been arrested by Minneapolis police and have been charged with 3rd degree murder.