Home Politics “NPP has no connection to De-Eye group at Castle” – Buabeng Asamoah

“NPP has no connection to De-Eye group at Castle” – Buabeng Asamoah


Following a documentary released yesterday about a pro NPP militia training at the Osu castle, the New Patriotic Party has released a statement denying any links to the said De-Eye Group.

A statement undersigned by the communications director of the Party, Mr. Buabeng Asamoah read:

“The NPP has watched with keen interest the news commentary put together by journalist Manasseh Azure and aired on the Joy News Channel in the evening of 7 March, 2019.

Whilst any effort at helping rid the country of politically related violence is welcome and is to be commended, the NPP wishes to state UNEQUIVOCALLY FOR THE RECORDS that it has no connection to the purported group shown in the documentary. The NPP has not established any such group and is neither affiliated to nor supports one.

However, it is significant that in seeking to make a point about militias or vigilantes, the news commentary makes obvious and extensive resort to footage from the ongoing public inquest into the violence related events of the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election.

Nowhere in the footage shown is the subject persons or specific identified group seen or connected to any violent activities.
In the event, the NPP believes that given President Akufo-Addo’s open and public commitment and determination to uprooting the menace of politically related violence, the political parties and indeed civil society at large, especially the media, have a responsibility to confront the issue candidly, without preconditions.

Media commentary ought to give even more impetus to the Presidents’ demonstrated and undoubted will and purpose of facilitating and securing the participation of the two major political parties in constructive dialogue.

The NPP urges its counterpart the NDC, to emulate the President’s sincerity in demanding that the parties go into talks and to do so aided by any inputs available from diverse sources.
That way, the NPP believes that the wider public can participate in resolving the vexed question of politically related violence once and for all.

…. signed…
Yaw Buabeng Asamoah (Hon)
(Director of Communication)”

Source: nsemwoha.com

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