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Quayson Writes : Not everyone needs to know your story


I have realised that sometimes in life, it is better for some people not to know much about you. It is for your own safety and good. Stop proving who you are to everyone you come into contact with. Take time to know and evaluate people before you reveal valuable information about yourself to them. Some use information about you for good and others for evil so becareful who you deal with or expose yourself to.

Not everyone must come close to your family or get to know what you do for a living. Not everyone needs to know where you stay or your hometown. Not everyone needs to know your likes and dislikes. Not everyone you need to smile to or be nice to. To put it in a simple way, not everyone who is not part of your story needs to know your story.

Even in a relationship or marriage it is not all valuable information you need to expose to your partner. You have to be truthful and sincere to each other but certain information you must be the only person privy to it. when people are madly in love with each other, they tend to forget that at times things may not work out the way they wanted so with their mouths they spew all their secrets to their partners. Later, when things get bad this same information they let out their partners use against them. Its not necessary for the person you are dating to know everything about your past. You can share some but keep some especially your bitter experiences. Sometimes we want our partners to sympathise with our past experiences in relationships so we tell them our bad experiences but it is not advisable. Those partners who are not deep will use it to judge you later on in the relationship.

Even with friends you mustn’t tell your secrets but what is common to both of you. It is better to discuss things common to each other in your dealings with people than giving them abstract indications about you. Some friends are wolves in sheep clothing and will cease every opportunity to bring you down with information you give them.

I conclude by saying that, the devil does not know what is in your head and in your heart until you say it so let’s all becareful.

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