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No matter how pretty you are, if you don’t give your man peace he’ll leave you – Lady advises (Video)

Silka Vida | Instagram

Advice has gone to ladies who are in the business of stressing out their men with unnecessary rantings and nagging every now and then about the silliest of things.

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The lady, identified as Silka Vida in a viral video said most often what a man needs from his woman is peace and expects to come back from a hard days work to meet a calm stress free environment at home.

She continued by saying in a situation where the lady is constantly nagging about which lady he is speaking to, where he was at what time, questions borne out of unwarranted jealousy, the man no longer gets the peace he desires at home and that is certain to drive him away.

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She therefore adviced ladies that, they shouldn’t think because they are pretty, educated or rich, they can stress a man out with their insecurities, because the man will leave them for someone below their social class if that’s what will guarantee his peace of mind.

“It’s not about who you are or what you have. Do you know what a guy needs, a guy just needs peace. A man just needs peace……You can have it all, but if you don’t provide peace, the man will leave you guys.” She said

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