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No matter how comfortable you’re while dating, never visit your partner unannounced – Man advises

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Sometimes when in a relationship, love birds get too comfortable dating each other that some basic ethics are ignored because it is assumed it’s okay because of the bond established.

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One such behavior is visiting a partner unannounced, because it is assumed that they should have nothing to hide and privacy doesn’t exist in relationships.

But a netizen has advised against the practice, saying it could backfire.

Using his own experience as an example, he claims he once was introduced as a tailor after visiting a partner unannounced, obviously he walked in on his partner with another man.

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No matter howcomfortable you’re in relationship never visit your partner unannounced, i just got introduced as a TAILOR” he wrote.

While it may not always be that one would walk in unannounced to find a partner cheating, visiting a partner unannounced is a sign of insecurity and points to the fact that there’s lack of trust in the relationship.

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