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No girl is cheap, she made it easy for you because she likes you – Men told

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You probably have heard your male friends talk about a cheap female they had their way with without much opposition.

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While these seemingly immature boys would like to call such ladies cheap because they had their way with ease, a netizen has begged to differ on the issue.

A Facebook user, Yusif Nana Asamoah has intimated that, no lady is in actuality cheap just because a guy had their way with her without much opposition.

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Explaining his stance, he said when a lady genuinely likes a guy, it was perfectly sensible that they’d make the whole process of proposing and the ensuing intimacy easy for him.

That he said, doesn’t mean they’re cheap, it’s just love so men should put respect on ladies they had intimacy with instead of calling them cheap.

Seriously no girl is cheap. She’s making it easy for u because she really likes you ❤️. Respect your woman If u have one????????????.” he wrote

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