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Nigerian rapper, Mocheddah slams D’banj for trying to bully his rape accuser

Nigerian singer and rapper Mocheddah has waded into the rape allegations levelled against the person of D’banj by a young lady named Seyitan.


In a long Instagram post, the rapper whose real name is Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi said D’banj has shown the bully in him for trying to shut a young lady up from speaking the truth.

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Earlier today, the rape victim issued a statement detailing events from when she was allegedly raped to the time she decided to go public with her case. In her statement, she accused D’banj of causing her to be arrested unlawfully and also stifling her freedom to use social media.

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Mocheddah becomes the latest celebrity to slam D’banj for the rape allegations. But her issue has to do more with D’banj’s attempt to kidnap and shut the lady up using the police.

“This story has gone beyond rape. You have manipulated the justice system to fit your selfish interest. You have broken the law on multiple counts, and you deserve to be CANCELLED .dbanj should be stripped of his endorsements, and his awards should be retracted to send a message to all bullies that believe they are above the law”, portion of her statement reads.

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Mocheddah also asked that the police personnels who arrested Seyitan must be made to face the law. “The policemen that arrested seyitan unlawfully should all be exposed and relieved of their duty”, the statement added.

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