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New Yorker in custody for Allegedly sexually assaulting a police horse while sleepwalking

A man was arrested last night in Lower Manhattan after an apparent sleepwalking incident led him to sodomize a police horse.

Around 3:00 AM this morning, a pair of NYPD mounted officers left their horses in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant before going inside for a coffee.

A few minutes later, they heard the animals neighing and being agitated, to they rushed outside to find 39-year-old Hector Gomez actively sodomizing one of the horses.

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The man showed totally non-cooperative with the officers and was finally tased 13 times before he could be neutralized and arrested.

During his interrogation, it was revealed that Mr.Gomez suffers from parasomnia and somnambulism and that he had absolutely no memory of the incident since he was sleeping at the time.

According to NYPD spokesman, John Fitzgerald, despite being accused of a horrendous crime, the accused drew sympathy from his interrogators and looked more like a victim than an aggressor.

“He really was genuinely disgusted to learn he had fucked a horse, and literally vomited when he learned it was a stallion.”

Mr. Fitgerald says the NYPD has no choice but to file charges, but that he hopes Mr. Gomez “receives help rather than punishment”.

“That poor guy looks totally normal when awake, but has to live with the fact that he becomes a horse rapist when he sleeps. He deserves psychiatric help.”

Mr. Gomez’s victim, a 6-year old Stallion named Bucky, suffered no serious physical harm from the assault but showed obvious symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome, according to the NYPD.

Sleepwalking has been successfully used in the past as a legal defense in several cases involving a wide variety of crimes.

In 2013, a 78-year old Indiana woman was found not guilty by reason of insanity after throwing 17 of her cats out of the window of her 8th-floor apartment while sleepwalking.

In 2016, a naked man who assaulted 17 people with a toilet plunger in Chicago was also found not guilty by reason of insanity.

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In all cases, accusees recognized they had committed the act but were not considered responsible for their actions as they were unconscious at the time of the crimes.

Mr. Gomez faces charges of assaulting a police officer, bestiality and indecent exposure.

His trial is scheduled to begin in December when he will face a maximum of 65 years of imprisonment.