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Never eat with someone who will brag about giving you a plate – Mike Edwards advises


Mike Edwards, an athlete-turned-entrepreneur, TV personality and influencer, has sent a piece of advise to people all over the world, to be careful who they call friend, especially when they brag just about anything.

Taking to Twitter, the former BBNaija Housemate and CEO of Airreys said it is better to starve than eat with someone who would later brag about giving you a plate.

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Effectively, such people will tell the world about every single help they offer you, and make you look like a beggar in the eyes of the public.

He therefore advised that, to avoid such a situation, braggart friends should be kept at bay and their help received advisedly because they could be telling the whole world about their little act of benevolence tomorrow.

Never eat with someone who will brag about giving you a plate. ????Agree or disagree???” he wrote.

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Reactions from netizens on whether they agreed with the statement or not were mixed.

@ema_rai wrote: Agree ???? God bless you for speaking. Alot of people still aren’t getting it what a Shame

@iam_7even wrote: “If you’re hungry, please eat it!!!  If they brag about giving you a plate, allow them, it’s their lifestyle… Just don’t forget to show gratitude. Tables do turn..

@BarbieB4 agreed with him, writing: for the very first time I agree with you on this

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