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Never disrespect a lady that made sure you were okay when nobody else did – Man advices

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Gradually, we’re becoming a bunch of ingrates who seek instant gratification and are willing to use people to achieve our parochial interests without much recourse to how they feel.

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This is seen even more in situations where a lady out of love sticks and stays with a guy during his lows but gets dumped for another when he gets back on his feet.

But one social media user hopes the trend will be reversed and we’ll see a situation where ladies who stay and hold their broke men down are accorded the respect they deserve and kept to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

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No Capp Low in a Facebook post wrote “Never disrespect a girl that made sure you were okay when nobody else did.”.

Effectively advising his fellow men to show gratitude and respect to the women who didn’t give up on them.

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