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Never attack a lady for sleeping with your man, it’s his duty to respect you not hers – Lady advises

Likiwe Lhiza

Most often when a woman catches her man cheating or flirting with another lady, it’s the other lady who bears the full brunt of her wounded heart, often resulting in physical abuse.

The man though, escapes the physical attack and only have to talk his way through to Forgiveness and back into her heart. This usual sequence of events, is what a netizen has raised concern over.


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The netizen, Likiwe Lhiza avers that, instead of the other woman getting blamed for snatching another woman’s man and being at the receiving end of insults and sometimes physical abuse, the man should rather bear the blame and if possible, get some stick.

Explaining her point, she intimated that, if a lady texts or calls your man, it is safe to assume that it is the man who pursued her, took her contact and texted or called her first.

Therefore, she says that the man should be blamed for any conversation and attention given the lady. Again, she says it is the man’s responsibility to respect his woman by staying faithful and not that of the innocent lady who was probably lied to, saying that a real man will never put his woman in a position to make her look stupid.

“If you text my boyfriend, I assume he gave you his number so you can text him, if you call him I assume he called you first. If you chill with him, I assume he told you where to find him. I blame him for any conversation and attention he gives, I won’t disrespect any lady because she owes me nothing, it’s my boyfriend job to respect me. A real Man will never put you in a position to make you look stupid ????” she wrote in a Facebook post

Likiwe’s Facebook post

Taking a critical look at her statement, I must agree that she’s right and not only that, but she could be saving a lot of ladies out there prison time and or fines for assault.


Attacking a lady because your man cheated with her is moot really, although it is understandable that when tensions are high and matters of the heart are involved, there’s less room for rational to prevail.

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Men have since time immemorial been the ones to approach girls. So most often, it is evident who decided to play you for a fool and cheat, unless of course, the lady is a friend of yours who knows who you’re dating, even then, it is a blessing to know the kind of man you’re dating first of all, and then the kind of people you call friends.

It is perfectly rational to blame your man for cheating, leave that innocent girl alone and by all means, be thankful for getting to know you were dating a loser and a cheat and learning from it going forward rather than resorting to violence of any sort.


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