Home Politics NDC’s ‘world bank’ likely to become ‘DKM’ after Volta snub?

NDC’s ‘world bank’ likely to become ‘DKM’ after Volta snub?

The National Democratic Congress NDC, last night announced winners of their 9th Delegates Congress and for the first time in the party’s history, there’s no Voltarian among the top ranks.

The party has in the past enjoyed massive support from the people of volta primarily because their founder had roots in the region. That support continued till the 2016 election where most boycotted the election for what was deduced as neglect among other reasons. This led to the biggest defeat suffered by any of the two giant political parties in Ghana, NPP and NDC.

It’s been a day after the election and many are the angry voltarians expressing dismay in the NDC for booting out all aspirants from the region. This anger, many expects, will result in many defections from the NDC or at best, a mass boycott of any effort by the party to return to power in 2020.

With volta being NDCs ‘world bank’ of votes, it can be said that their most esteemed and vote-rich bank may collapse like DKM and other local banks, which the NDC supervised their downward spiral during their term of office, making them unsalvageable when the NPP took power.

Will it be so or will the Volta region maintain their support for NDC? We shall find out in 2020.


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