Home Politics “NDC scared of Bawumia, here’s why” – P.K Sarpong

“NDC scared of Bawumia, here’s why” – P.K Sarpong


Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia scourged the then governing NDC with his thought-provoking, concise and practical yet prognostic suggestions as to how the economy should have been run.

His lectures hurt the NDC to the core, a phenomenon that helped in railroading them to the wilderness only opposition offers.

The NDC believes that Dr Bawumia pursued them the nemesis of outraged inhumanity, and has since decidedly determined that they would go all out to throttle him in everything he does.

It is against this backdrop that there have been several attempts to rope the Veep into whatever happens under the Akufo-Addo administration.

Oftentimes, the issues they yoke around his neck have no relationships with scandals but for mischievous reasons, they tag them as such.

The Vice President is being accused by the NDC to have led a team to meet with Ameri outside the country. To create the impression that there is a semblance of truth in the matter, these people have cut and pasted his photo with that of an Arab draped in the attires of people from the Islamic world.

They say that is a testament to the fact that the Vice President has been deeply involved in the Energy Ministry-Ameri deal.

While this story is nothing but a pure invention of their lazy minds, it also dovetails into the fact that it is all part of the fear factor they see in Dr Bawumia.

The Vice President gives the NDC insomnia. They experience sleepless nights trying to think up ideas to frustrate his forward movement.

It is more than obvious that the NDC is on a fruitless expedition to find a match for Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia and it doesn’t appear that there is someone in that family who can torpedo him in the field of economics and how to manage an economy.

P.K Sarpong

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