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NDC exposed over Upper West Comm. Officer’s 1 Village 1 Dam allegations

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Video of upper West regional communications officer of the NDC Mr. Prosper Puo-ire surfaced during the week in which he chastised government for adopting a dam at Sentu in the Lambussie district of the region, constructed during the erstwhile Mahama administration as part of the 1 Village 1 dam initiative by the current NPP government while charging the nation an amount of GHC250,000.00 for it.

In response to the allegations, the Upper West NPP regional communications wing has issued a statement debunking the claims while setting the records straight.


We have chanced upon a one minute, forty six seconds video on social media, in which the Regional communication officer of the National Democratic Congress, Mr. Prosper Puo-ire is seen in front of what appears to be a pond, like a confused tourist, lying through his teeth against the NPP government.

In the video, Mr. Puo-ire claims the NPP government has “rechristened ” a GSOP dam in Sentu in the Lambussie District as one of the dams under the 1 village 1 dam initiative. In that sorry of a documentary, he sought to incite the people against the government over what he described as “nonsense”. Before I deal with his burning lust for the use of vulgar language against all manner of people, I would like to first expose him for whom he is – a congenital liar.


We are all aware of the GSOP projects and the fact, that, they were labour intensive projects that were done on existing dams. In the Wa West District for instance, we have some in Naha, Ponyentanga and Tanina where existing dams were being redug using simple tools like pick axes, shovels and head pans by the local people. Fortunately for Mr. Puo-ire, the Sentu dam is one such dams, but unfortunately the NPP government did not “rechristen” it as a 1V1D project. He is permitted to continue frolicking.

In June last year, fourteen (14) communities across the then three northern regions were earmarked for support by the Ghana Irrigation Authority (GIDA), seven of which were brought to the Upper West Region. They included: Tokuu and Tuopare in the Nandom District, Kataa and Duosi in the Wa East District, Degri in the Wa West District, Sentu in the Lambussie District and Duong in the Nadowli -Kaleo District all in the Upper West Region.

Each of the dams would be as big as the Guo dam in Nandom District which was begun in 2008 and completed in 2009.
Below is a ghanaweb publication as proof against Mr. Puo-ire’s mendacious claims.


Regrettably, Mr. Prosper Puo-ire has no regard for due diligence. The rational and charitable explanation for his conduct, is that, he is a member of the National Democratic Congress. It is their stock in trade, to rely on the old fashioned Josef Goebbels tactics and Machievilian principles to get the best of the people. They are yet to know, that, the people they are strenuously trying to deceive are more sophisticated and discerning than they thought.

What is extremely amazing, is the temerity with which Puo-ire quoted an amount Ghc 250,000. 00 as the cost for just the renaming of a “Mahama GSOP” project.

We would like Mr. Puo-ire to bring forth further and better particulars, relative to the source of information on his renaming claims and the amount he quoted in the video or he should come out with better video apologizing to us for lying yet again.

We have not forgotten about the shameless lie he told the nation about the state and usage of the Wa airport when he said the facility has been turned into a tourist site and that it was only available for use by his excellency the president of Ghana and the vice president. It is fast becoming apparent to us, that lying is becoming his daily bread.

In view of the aforesaid, we would like to urge the public to disregard the video and it’s contents and treat it with the needed disdain it deserves. It lacks credibility and has no substance.

Our solemn pledge to the people of the Upper West Region, is that, the NPP government is committed to the holistic development of the Upper West Region. The contracts for the Sentu project and the six other communities have been awarded, and the authorities are working assiduously to ensure compliance so the dams would be provided for the people to serve the intended purpose.

We appreciate Mr. Puo-ire’s attempt to appear as a very animated communication officer for his party. We also wish him well in his new venture as a filmmaker. We must however point out to him, that, he has begun on a very poor note. We would further like to assure him, that, we are available to the service of the people and will expose every single lie that he tells.

As we have also always done, we would like to admonish him to hasten slowly as the journey is very long. As a young man who has a lot of age ahead of him, it will serve him a lot of good if he eschews lies.

Bukari Ali
Regional communication director -Upper West

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