Nayere Writes: Youth revolution, the necessary Coup d’etat.

Fellow Ghanaians, at exactly 6 O’clock this morning 22nd August, 2018.

I and my fellow youth commandants took the destiny of the youth and for that matter the country away from the old guard.

For centuries we have thought and accepted that our young minds couldn’t steer even our own lives not to talk of the affairs of a great nation like Ghana. We therefore yielded the reigns of power to the old who ‘knew better’.

To lead us; we the inhabitants of this land of gold into the glory of the Ghanaian dream. A utopian nation of equal rights, where the law knew no net worth, class or influence like a virgin knows no man.

A land where the least of us needn’t worry of food, clothing and shelter, for the land our heritage won for us could offer more than we would ever need.

But now we see clearer, awoken from our fallacy and naivity to the mess of a country we see now.

We admit, we were wrong. Not because we now know more than those we thought knew better, but because our trust has been abused, over and over again.

Because our destiny as a nation has been like the Bob of a pendulum, we oscillate back and forth but eventually land exactly where we started.

Every ‘forward ever’ ideology instilled in us by the greatest son of our Ghana has been replaced by the corruption of self-serving aristocrats, who strike backroom deals like lightning in-camera but use bureaucracy to retard the progress of the masses.

We, the masses have fared no better than cows who plough the fields just to be given a few straws of grass. Neither have we fared any better than strangers in far far away, even in our own motherland.

We sat and watched concrete promises turn into liquid, “always in the pipeline”.

We sat and watched ordinary politicians become millionaires overnight, yet they couldn’t point us to the “rainbow at the end of which they found their pot of gold”.

So now we rise like smoke from the burnt offering of the righteous unto the high places.

We shall sit with the kings and do exploits where we previously thought impossible.

We rise, channeling our wisdom and knowledge, our youthful might and exuberance into nation building.

We shall no longer be the pawns for we have taken our seat in the crisis room.

From today, politics and governance ceases to be a game for the old.

We have risen, we the youth of this great nation.

Joe Nayere


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