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Naah-Yerreh Writes: The Mind Food That Satan Feeds – Taking Back Control of Your Thoughts

Christians and many other religions are deeply entrenched in the good versus evil game. Satan against christ, anything bad is spiritualized and blame automatically apportioned to satan.

Yes it’s true, the devil is diabolic in his ways and his every action is doused in malice primarily aimed at getting man to his side. What religious folk have failed to see though is the mechanisms in which satan operates.
The devil is smart and cunning and if given the chance might overshadow the superior power of the human mind.

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The mind and intellect is the weapon God gave to humans. Look at every other animals, they have almost every organ that can be found in humans except the ability to reason. Humans are not first when it comes to size, the elephant is, neither are we the best in strength, the king of the jungle could easily overpower us.

Therefore as humans, our power lies in how we reason and trust me that’s what Satan is after. If he can get you to reason in a way he wants you to then he could easily get you to disobey God and most important of all lose your faith.

Satan starts by getting you to focus on him, blaming him for every mishap and in so doing you reason less and become less analytical of situations. You are quick to blame him for your lack of judgment and shortcomings therefore you will have no reason to analyze, find faults and improve yourself.

When you get to that point where you blame it all on Satan and lose your ability to analyze situations intellectually, Congratulations you have passed the first stage to self destruction.

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At this stage you become static in thought and action, frustrations start to build and soon you start rolling through the downward spiral of losing faith. You begin to wonder if God is on your side, you start doubting God’s power and then his existence and finally “you will say in your heart, there is no God” making you a fool just as the Holy Bible said (Psalm 14:1).

The definition of a fool is pretty straightforward, someone who doesn’t reason, lack of reason is lack of intellect.
You see Satan got you right where he wanted, he has a game plan and usually we play along perfectly.

If only you would realise that God has principles and these principles coupled with the power of our minds makes us unstoppable, not even Satan could stop us but above all, no man could fool us.

Most of God’s principles are in congruence with the laws of nature. Input yields output, investment yields returns, if you sow, you reap, no shortcuts.

A Friday all night prayer session is a good spiritual exercise but it won’t make you rich overnight as your pastor promised, God is a just and balanced being.

So sow your seed where you can cultivate and nurture it to grow and yield fruits, not in the pocket of a Man of God who promises you a thousand fold, shaken together and running over.

Feed your mind with the right food, stop focusing on your enemy, rather focus on your power and rest assured that God almighty has taken care of every battle that is beyond you.

Stop letting others think for you, you are equipped to think for yourself. Your mind is your power and it is with that that you will trample over all Serpents that seek to deceive and devour you.

Writer: Joseph Naah-Yerreh | Nsemwoha.com

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