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Naah-Yerreh Writes: Can Sammi Awuku deliver again in 2020?


Not too long ago, he was a relatively unknown political science student at the university of Ghana but broke into the political sphere, landing his first political office as the Assistant Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party.

It is no secret that Sammi’s communication skills kept the erstwhile Mahama administration on its toes and in 2016, as the National Youth organizer, led a youth focused campaign which led to the incumbent suffering an unprecedented defeat since the start of the fourth republic.

2016 is done and dusted. But winning is not an end because it all counts for nothing when the four years are up and one has to win all over again. That’s a feat very few have achieved. To cement one’s place as a great influencer and leader who can organize and deliver victory, one must do it over and over again.

Sammi has moved up a notch in the party’s political ladder, as the current National Organizer, more and more is expected of him in 2020 and he cannot afford to slump from the successful organization of the youth that defined the gargantuan gab that won the election for President Akufo-Addo in 2016.

What is Sammi doing that his counterpart isn’t doing and how’s that going to affect 2020?

To begin with anyone going into an election needs a strategy and a comprehensive one at that. Sammi Awuku, or the Supremo as he’s affectionately called has set out to achieve just that. He recently assembled all his regional and diaspora organizers in the French capital, Paris purposely to work out a strategy to deliver victory in 2020.

And what has Mr. Akamba of the Opposition NDC been doing? In the absence of a better word, Zilch will suffice.Perhaps this picture describes his actions much better.

The Ghanaian electorate has become sophisticated, much more aware of issues and the strategy of handing voters a few measly Cedis to buy their votes is all but over and if anything, the 2016 elections taught us exactly that.

Mr. Akamba is in demonstrations sporadically organized by the NDC and their surrogates, exhibiting what on any day would be described as buffoonery.

The NDC may be heading into yet another defeat should their executives continue on this tangent.

Sammi has proven he can deliver victory, can he do it again?, only 2020 can tell but if adequate preparation and a full proof strategy is what is what wins elections, which ideally should be, then Sammi Awuku is ticking all the right boxes.

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