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My sister, if he only has time for you at night, you’re dating a mosquito – Man says

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People go into relationships for all manner of reasons, some pursue true love and honest companionship and to add value to the partnership in total.

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Others, well, pursue their parochial interests. For men mostly it is for the pleasure and adding another lady to their body count, which for some, absurdly massages their ego.

A netizen, Ivan Adu has therefore given clues for ladies to identify a man who doesn’t really value their relationship and only wants the pleasure.

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In a Facebook post, Ivan stated that, if the man only has time for you during the night, he is more or less a mosquito.

MY SISTER, if you’re in a relatioship with a Guy who only has time for you at night. You are dating a Mosquito. ????” he wrote.

Obviously, mosquitoes come out mostly at night to such blood and inflect diseases. The lesson from Ivan’s message is that, if a man only has time for you when he wants to sleep with you, then he just wants to use you and not serious about the relationship.

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This is because no matter how busy a person may be, they will still find time for the people they truly care about and will make it a point to stay in touch to grow the bond.

To avoid heartbreak, this is a sure sign that you will shed tears at the end, don’t ignore the signs, mostly they are present but we are blinded by love.

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