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“My enemies paid $400K to Anas and his terrorist group Tiger Eye PI for number 12 video” – Kwesi Nyantakyi


Kwesi Nyantakyi, former Ghana Football Association boss, speaking on radio for the first time since the airing of the number 12 video has made serious allegations against Ana’s and his team.

He narrated his side of the entire episode that led to his collecting a bribe on camera.

Kwesi Nyantakyi accuses Anas of doing investigative journalism just for money, and not for the national interest.

Accuses Anas of asking him for $400,000 to drop the case. And then later slashed it down to $150,000.

Nyantakyi: “Tiger Eye PI [led by Anas Aremeyaw Anas] is a criminal organisation that behaves like ISIS. They have no license to behave like they do, recording people with reckless abandon and destroying reputations.”

Nyantakyi says he never met Anas face to face. He only met the late Ahmed. “That’s how they work. You only meet Ahmed, and then later Anas claims credit. The only person I met in Dubai was Ahmed.”

Interesting claims by ex-GFA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi. Says his enemies in Ghana football contributed and paid Anas $400,000 for the Number 12 documentary that brought him down last year. He spoke to Oman Fm 107.1.

Kennedy Agyapong, the MP who put the photos of Ahmed Hussein-Suale on TV for the public to see, accuses Joy FM and Peace FM of being paid to help bring Kwesi Nyantakyi and others down. “They should be ashamed of themselves”

Source: Gary Al-Smith – Journalist

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