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Mr. Ibrahim Mahama – An Inspirational Man, Family Orientation And Spiritual Perspectives


I need the background story of Ibrahim Mahama and how he has made it as an African industrialist. This is a great inspiration to the youth of Ghana. Whatever motivated the man to get to that level, if a quarter of the youth in Africa can have that kind of spirit in him, the continent will over pass all the other continents in just a decade because we have natural resource support more than the rest.

To have a Ghanaian invited by DR Congo to mine bauxite and to produce electricity in their country is such a great feat. I have very great admiration for industrialists and producers. They are on top of my list to any profession in the world because I believe in production alot, tangible goods for that matter.

Mr. Ibrahim Mahama, I salute you from the bottom of my heart. Your brother president Mahama is great but you are greater. To also have two brothers from the same family, one a former president and the other one of the richest men in Africa and a great industrialist and business mogul tells you there is something right with the family foundations and support.

Coming from the same root with a common success is not just a coincidence, it’s an effort and family orientation. Other families must learn. I am sure the Mahama family has other great achievers too. And in some families, they are champions when it comes to witchcraft, criticisms, pull him down, competitiveness, selfishness, separation etc instead of a unified front to achieve family greatness.

Ibrahim Mahama had a bauxite concession from his brother worth $200 billion in Ghana, 40% stake. if it had gone through would have made him one of the richest men in the world. This is what brothers must do, help each other to become great not just me alone. Let me alone become great so the whole family will see me alone and admire me. That is the mindset of a foetus in the womb.

Brothers help each other and brothers stand for each other because the batton will be passed to the next generation. I cannot stop giving examples of Coca-Cola, Guinness, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle etc. That they are all family companies and businesses because they saw the future. Those who started these companies are all dead but I believe there is no poor man that bears their surname coming from their various families.

I have said several times that a rich man from a poor family is still a poor man because poverty has not departed from his family yet. All that is needed is an unwise generation along the line, the whole family will plunge back to poverty again. Poverty is not just a spirit but the lack of application of wisdom to curtail it’s future reoccurance or emergence. If a family once had rich people, a certain generation of the family was not wise in handling the riches and the older generation also left a terrible blue print or succession plan in the family.

CFAO has been in Ghana for more than 100 years, it’s a French Company so you can imagine how long they were established in France and they have presence in almost all Africa. Those who started are dead and gone but the Company is still strong. Europeans and Americans even plan for yet unborn babies. Let us see beyond our current comfort and promote family unity and strive to establish legacies for our various families.

As for you, the small assets you have acquired and the fact that you can feed yourself and family and help others in need tells you, you have arrived. I always tell people, I find it very hard to envy others because I am yet to meet a man I want to be like. I know the dreams and aspirations I have and what boils inside of me.

I have seen and heard some few men make exploits in life but none of them surpasses my dreams. May be in a way, that is what causes some of us to labour hard enough in life and others don’t understand but they judge. They count it our faults devoid of knowledge that a man pregnant with big dreams must suffer the most. My prayer is God should keep me focused in life and give me long life because I know something big is surely coming my way.

There is a friend I always tell, ‘Whatever you do, just stay alive, because we are now about to make it big time’. I am more concerned on staying alive than an uncertain future because I have the hope and the belief that I will make it in life no matter what. I can almost touch it with my hands. It’s so real to me. In that journey Satan won’t make things easy for you. He will plant evil people and misfortunes in your life to stop you from getting there, but the closer you get to God, you useless all the devil’s plans. You will be suprised those he has planted in your life to stop you.

That is why as a Christian you need to be prayerful and always be on fire. Yes, those enemies are very close, closer than you think. Infact some of them you chose them just like Jesus chose Judas. Let’s be wise. You may see me as superstitious but my spirit is not ignorant and can sense evil with ceratin kinds people so I am very alert in certain things. I don’t operate much with my mind but with my spirit.

Your mind will tell you, this person is good to you so he means well, but your spirit will tell you it’s a trap and there is evil behind it. If you move with your mind it is good but it is best to move by your spirit. If you must make it in life, you must be very spiritual and suspicious at times. Not everyone has your good at heart even those who have the same blood with you. Commit your ways to God and trust only him. We might have the same blood but there is nothing like the same spirit. Bible says, know people by their spirit not by their blood or relationships you have with them.

There are people we carry along in life who can abort your dream or aspirations because they belong to a different fraternity spiritually. It can even be your wife or husband, son or daughter, mother or father, brother or sister, friend or loved one etc. No one who doesn’t know you or connected to you in a way will come from outside to “do you” as we say it in Ghana. They are very very close to you but a heated stove will not have lizards, ants and cockroaches lurking on it.

Be very prayerful if you must make it especially in Africa. Let’s all maintain family unity and respect but let us also becareful and prayerful in our dealings with everybody. When you are a Christian you must love everybody but be spiritually alert because Satan works in people as a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. There is a very thin line between spirituality and superstition.

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