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Moxflex Goes German Deutsche

Talk of versatility in the music scene and you will have alot of respected names to mention like Okyeame Kwame, Okomfo Kwadee, Lord Kenya, Obrafour and the likes who display their versatalities in different ways. Moxflex has also joined the long queue of versatile music gunners by looking at the area of languages. Mox has decided not to only stick to his native African tongue which is the Twi language but has gone international by taken up courses in the German language, the Deutsche.

This was necessitated when the Agogo born song writer, singer, rapper, music producer and record label owner decided to widen his scope of knowledge by learning the German language by the use of applications on the internet introduced to him by his German friends.

Moxflex is one of the few musicians in Ghana who has a very strong German fan base not only among Ghanaians leaving in Germany but among the whites. Infact sometimes he seeks the review of his chiefest German fans before he releases a song. Moxflex has fallen so much in love with Germans which in a way influenced his song entitled ‘Oyibo x African man’.

When asked why German language, he said he is only fluent in Twi and English and as an artiste aspiring to go international he needed one more strong language to back his international appeal. He thought of anything coming from Germany to be associated with quality and strength as people usually say, ‘ The German Machine’ so chose to study Deutsche.

Having some German friends already he enrolled in an online programme that has gotten him to rattle the German language as if he was a German himself. Now, Mox speaks the Deutsche like a parrot.

He now communicates only in Deutsche with his German friends and fans. Asked if he would do a song in German language, he said, why not? Because he loves Germany and his fans over there so he will not rule out that possibilities.

Moxflex now reads and writes Deutsche as he follows all their news and magazines, and intends to collaborate with some German artistes in the future. He also intends not only to expand his music in Germany but his numerous businesses as well.

He intends to learn other languages like French and Spanish etc in the near future to enrich his international appeal. Surely, this is a musician with a vision and a learning attitude and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.