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Most women don’t have an issue with a broke man, but a man who’s comfortable being broke – Srem Hemaa

The impression has been created that ladies love to be where there’s plenty of money and comfort and that, they avoid broke men at all cost.

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But a lady has begged to differ, punching holes in this notion, saying women are rather misunderstood when it comes to the financial status of the man they are willing to date or marry.

Taking to Facebook, Srem Fuo Hemaa Dagaati said most women are not so bothered if a man is broke but rather the man’s attitude towards his situation.

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She explains that the problem is with men who are rather comfortable being broke and aren’t taking any actionable steps to better their finances.

It is such men, she says that ladies try to avoid in order not to find themselves in a situation where the man can’t live up to his basic responsibilities.

Most women don’t have a problem with a broke man but with a man who’s comfortable being broke 🙁 ” she wrote.