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Money can buy comfort but not happiness; happiness is free – Omar Sterling advises


Leader of hiplife group, R2bees, Omar Sterling has admonished the youth not to concentrate much on money to the detriment of their happiness. According to the rapper, money can buy comfort but not happiness.

It’s common these days to see the youth doing whatever possible to get rich quick and at all cost. This has pushed many into engaging in various forms of social vices. Armed robbery, petty thievery, internet fraud among others are as a result of the get rich quick syndrome in the youth.

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Omar Sterling who was also rumoured to be engaging in internet scam has now realized that money is not the ultimate in this world. To him, happiness is key – something he says is an inside job and doesn’t come from money.

He took to twitter and wrote; “Money can buy comfort no doubt but happiness NO. Happiness is an inside job. Look within it’s free and accessible to all. I love you”.

In an earlier post on twitter, the Tema based rapper explained why he named their music group, Refuse 2 Be Broke (R2bees). He said, whiles growing up, he was so much obsessed with money and that influenced the name of their group. But as he grew older, he realized that money is not key to happiness.

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His tweet reads: “When I was young, I was so obsessed with money i named our company Refuse 2 Be Broke and me Payday da pralem. As i grew older it dawned on me that our generation can boast of being the most comfortable from past generations but can we say we are the happiest?”

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