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Michael Jackson reincarnates as Sergio Cortes

Sergio cortes the michael Jackson lookalike side by side the late pop star
Sergio Cortes side by side Michael Jackson (Middle)

All over the world, people make livings as celebrity impersonators. Many like Sergio Cortes Parra, the Michael Jackson look alike take the job so seriously that he changed not only his physical appearances but his live to become the person he is mimicking.

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Sergio Cortes is part of an elite group of impersonators who are so dedicated to their craft that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between themselves and the famous figures they’re portraying.


The Michael Jackson impersonator from Barcelona, Spain has been capturing the attention of Jackson fans for years as his popularity has grown. His photos have circulated on social media once again, stunning the public with just how much he resembles the King of Pop.

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The Spanish performer tours throughout the world putting on shows where he sings Jackson’s popular hits, giving fans a highly convincing bootleg MJ experience. It’s difficult at times to differentiate Sergio and Jackson when looking through photos at times, a level of dedication that is unmatched.

Check out a few images from Sergio’s social media along with a video of his performance of Jackson’s 1988 classic hit “Man in the Mirror.” Let us know if you’d pay to see Sergio perform as MJ.


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