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Men are not poverty eradication plans for lazy women – Lady

For so long in the African society, men have been burdened with the ‘Honourable’ responsibility of taking care of women they’re intimately involved with, a practice which has provided a financial safety net for low achieving women or those outrightly lazy.

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This of course has in recent times become a pressure point for lots of men who have to meet outrageous material demands from lovers or risk being branded incompetent.

But a female Twitter user Funke Fatai, has said the practice of women demanding men provide them with a life they or their parents couldn’t provide for them is abusive and puts unnecessary pressure on men.

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I find it very abusive to put pressure on men to provide us with a life we cannot provide for ourselves as women. As much as women are not rehabilitation centres for badly raised men, Men are not poverty eradication plans for lazy women.” She wrote.

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