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Men are also tired of dating demanding, uneducated and lazy women – Lady says

A lady has chastised her fellow females for heaping too much pressure on their men in the form of demanding too much from their men and lazying about without offering much support to their hustle.


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The man is usually the bankroller in relationships and is supposed to foot the cost of the wellbeing of his woman, paying for her wants as well as giving her regular cash handouts in order to keep her happy.

A tweep though, thinks it’s high time that phenomenon of ladies pushing all their burden and sometimes even that of their family on the man just because he is dating them.

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In a Twitter post, BiBi asserted that, men have shouldered the burden of demanding, uneducated and lazy women for far too long and it’s high time they were given some respite.

She is therefore calling on all ladies to step up their game and be a big support in the life of their men instead of always being at the receiving end.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but Men are also tired of dating Demanding, Uneducated and Lazy Women. They too need supportive partners. Step up Sis.” she wrote

BiBi, effectively wants all ladies to be responsible for themselves, educate themselves and make something out of their life rather than using their beauty as bait for the next guy to fall for their trap so they can milk him dry.

BiBi’s tweet
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