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Meet Elvis Botah, the 28 year old taking the political scene by storm

Politics, has for sometime now been the playground only the over 40s had access to. But a fresh, youthful breeze is blowing across the Ghanaian political sphere where more and more youth are involving themselves in politics and governance after decades of frustration and unfulfilled promises. One such youth, at just 28 is Elvis Banoemuleng Botah.

Before I met Hon. EBB, people had told me of a young man who had taken Upper West by storm with his unmatched wisdom, eloquence and bravery. He talked about the issues people wouldn’t dare speak of. Then I met him, I knew immediately this young man was made for leadership and was heading straight for parliament after a few minutes of tête-à-tête. A man’s deeds precedes him indeed.

The revolutionary Marshall, his alias is exactly what the youth of Ghana needs, a spark to light the torch for the youths revolution; a transition of power and opportunity from the old guard to an able youth waiting and yearning to be given a chance to prove themselves.

“When the then Candidate Nana Akufo Addo visited upper West on his campaign tour and needed someone to speak to the crowd, it was *Elvis* who was called upon.

A testament to, and an acknowledgment of his abilities by the elders of Upper West. It was no surprise when he was called to represent the region at the National Council of the Great New Patriotic Party NPP” – Mr. Ali Gado (NPP Regional Research Officer, U/W).

Elvis Banoemuleng Botah, a proud son of Nadowli-Kaleo, a constituency which unfortunately has been represented in parliament from the onset of Ghana’s new democracy by an NDC Member of parliament, who has plunged it deeper and deeper in poverty, dilapidated roads and lack of basic amenities are immediately evident in the area.

The overall sentiments of the constituents is one of frustration from the promises the incumbent has repeatedly failed to fulfill.

Nadowli Kaleo constituency, located in the Upper West region of Ghana is made up of small farming towns and villages like Nadowli, Kaleo, Sankana, charri, Takpo and the likes which are plagued by bad road networks, lack of potable water and schools in dilapidated buildings.

All that is about to change as the promising Elvis is poised to take over the affairs of Nadowli-kaleo in parliament come 2020 by God’s grace.

Elvis Said, “I’m a proud son of Nadowli-Kaleo constituency, I know the problems my people are facing and I’m determined to take our case to the highest office to get them solved. My people are a strong and hardworking folk who deserves the best from the people chosen to represent them.”

The sons, daughters and elders of the constituency have promised their unfettered support for ELVIS BANOEMULENG BOTAH, the Revolutionary Marshall as he vie for the Parliamentary seat of Nadowli-Kaleo on the ticket of the ruling NPP come 2020 general elections.