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Medikal finally reacts to alleged ignoring of injured victim at his Sowutuom concert (video)

AMG business signee Medikal has finally reacted to alleged ignoring his injured fan after he was rushed to the hospital.

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A lot of videos are popping up where the victim was on his sick bed which made a lot of netizens believed that Medikal has indeed ignored the injured fan.

A couple of hours ago, AMG Medikal in live Instagram made it clear that he’s still taking care of the fan but people are out there publishing false news agains him.

In the video, Medikal was able to displayed a lot of receipts which clearly shows that he is truthfully taking care of that fan.

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According to Medikal, he has spent over 30,000 Ghana Cedis on the injured fan and he doesn’t understand why his fan’s brother is moving from radio to radio saying all sort of things.

Medikal added that, he knows perfectly well that the brother is doing that to tarnish his image and for his personal gain because the brother think he will be getting donations from people.


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