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“May God make you suffer in ways that money can’t fix” – Tekno fires Nigerian leaders

Nigerian singer, Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known as Tekno has opened fire on the leadership of the most populous nation in Africa, Nigeria.

Tekno in a social media post, descended heavily on the poor leadership of the country. He prayed that, those leaders who steal from the public coffers for their personal gains should suffer in ways that their ill-gotten wealth will be of no significance.

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Nigeria with almost 200 million people is officially the country with the most poor people in the world. This is happening in a country which prides itself as a leading producer of oil and other valuable natural resources.

The leaders of the country are believed to be stealing money meant for the public for their private gains. Nigeria has a long history of leaders embezzling funds. Late military ruler, Gen. Saani Abacha comes to mind when it comes to looting of state resources.

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A couple of weeks ago, one of the leaders feigned a faint in the house of legislature when he was asked to account for some covid-19 funds allotted to his institution. This and many others have infuriated the “Pana” hit maker, who took to twitter to vent his spleen.

He wrote: “If u a leader in this country stealing from your people and just can’t give back small to the people.. God will make u suffer in ways money can’t fix.”