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“Maternal Mortality and New Born Survival rate alarming – Let’s help reduce it” – Hon. Kwasi Bonzo

Ghana like most African countries continue to battle with high maternal mortality and new born deaths amidst strong efforts by Ghana Health Service (GHS) and donor partners to curb this challenge.

Though much has been chalked in the previous years the rate of MM is still higher than the World Health Organization(WHO) requirements. Ghana currently has Maternal Mortality ratio of 54/100,000 live births. Ellembele district in 2018 only had 199/100,000 which was way beyond the national target and this was made known during the Annual Review of the District.

In efforts and part of strategies to salvage the precarious situation, the District Health Directorate in partnership with ADAMUS RESOURCES LIMITED and supported by the Assembly on Friday 15th February, 2019 launched a project termed “ACCELERATED ACTIONS TO IMPROVE MATERNAL AND NEW BORN SURVIVAL (AAIMNS).” The District Director outlaid six pillars and strategies which some included “Promoted Pregnancy Schools”, “Tracing of defaulters” amongst others to help combat the menace.

The District Assembly which was represented by Hon Kwasi Bonzo (Bonzo-K) highlighted that it was a worrying situation for the district over the past few years. He was however happy that the district director has seen the need to take the challenge in combatting it.

“We can not continue to live and watch while our wives, mothers and sisters die during labor or just after labour. We need conscious efforts and support of all stakeholders like ADAMUS RESOURCES LIMITED has just committed to this project.

We at the district Assembly are ready and have already agreed in a recent meeting held to sponsor Health staff to better themselves as Physician Assistants(P.As) and come back to serve the district.” Bonzo-K roared.

Source: nsemwoha.com

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