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Marriage is the headquarters of all offenses, if you can’t forgive, don’t get married – Lady advises

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A lady has advised prospective marriage couples to have a big receptacle to accommodate all the offenses their partner will throw at them, else they should put the marriage on hold.

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Explaining her point, Martha Samuel said while most people would think marriage is all bloom, it is not one of Disney’s utopian stories with a happy ever after.

She says marriage is the headquarters of all offenses, effectively meaning they’re not marrying a perfect person and therefore should have the heart to forgive as many as times as possible since it is bound that their partner would offend them many times.

She added that, if one realizes they don’t have such a forgiving heart, then it is better to stay away from marriage to avoid the inevitable disappointment that will occur.

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If you can’t forgive, don’t get married. Because marriage is the headquarters of all offenses” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Mrs. Martha Samuel’s advice is not only applicable in marriages, but any sort of relationship, because humans will step on the foot of those they love, irrespective of how deep the love is.

That is why we believe she is making a great input and anyone that applies this philosophy will certainly have a better quality of life because they’re better prepared for the inevitable and will be the least affected.

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