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Market woman finds millions of dollars in Chicken Box

A story making rounds on social media purports that a market woman at kaneshie who sells meat found a fortune in the form of Stacks of American dollars in a chicken box.

She bought two boxes of chicken at a cold store for resale and to her surprise, found one filled with Uncle Sam’s dollars.


The market woman, being a good citizen, sent the money to the Kaneshie police station to report the case. It is reported the overwhelming amount caused her to fear for her life since it could be that the people who kept the money hidden in the box were watching and would come after her for their cash.

Another source also purports the incident happened at Kasoa. It says the woman returned the box of money to the shop owner, She was rewarded Ghs2,000 by shop owner for her gesture and shop owner took rest of money and closed her shop.

Nsemwoha is following the story and wild update you…..

Source: Nsemwoha.com