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Man dies on bench at 37 Hospital after being ignored for 2 days


There are reports that a man known as Papa Liberia who was critically ill, was referred from Danfa Community Hospital to the 37 military hospital but died after lying on a bench for more than 30hours without being admitted or given any attention at the 37 hospital. A Facebook user by name Mawukoenya Yawa Gomashie reported on her page.

His wife thinking he was asleep only found out that life had left him when she tried to wake him up to eat. It was only after his death that health workers offered to help.

The story is no different from the one that shook the nation when an elderly man was made to roam several hospitals for lack of beds without any form of first aid or treatment given.

Papa Liberia’s death, though uncertain of the reason why health professionals refused to attend to him even on the bench, regardless this is still testament of how our ‘no bed syndrome’ is still with us and falling ill could mean a death sentence because it’s either there’s no bed, you’re neglected by unprofessional health workers or both.

These are issues that must be addressed by the various authorities incharge to safeguard the lives of citizens.


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