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Man cries as girlfriend runs abroad with $6k deposited into her account towards marriage

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A Nigerian man has narrated the ordeal his Uncle went through with his fiance as they made preparations towards marriage.

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Spendo Gustavo, the Twitter user who narrated the story said his uncle deposited an amount of 2Million naira, approximately $6,000 into the account of his girlfriend towards their marriage expenses.

The lady, who obviously needed the money more than the marriage is said to have withdrawn the money, got herself a visa and eloped from the country.

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The devastation that befell the man can only be imagined as not only did he lose his money, but also the love of his life.

Spendo Gustavo wrote:

My uncle deposited 2million naira into his girlfriend’s account in preparation for their marriage.. 

The girl used the money to process visa and travelled out ????