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Man caught by MCE throwing Garbage in Gutter made to Sweep and Clean


A man who was caught red-handed throwing rubbish on the street from a taxi he was in has been made to sweep the street and clean the gutter in which he threw the garbage.

He was spotted by the Kasoa MCE, Hon. Michael Essuman Mensah on his way to work this morning.

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The MCE upon spotting him stopped and instructed the passenger to sweep the street and remove the rubbish from the gutter.

Recently, there have been instances of people being made to pick up and clean after their own litter in public spaces after they were caught in the act.

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These instant punishments have been praised by the public who believe serves as a deterrent to others who are yet to grasp the concept of keeping our environment clean despite the numerous education campaigns.

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Municipal and Metropolitan authorities have started arresting,  prosecuting and fining or jailing culprits caught littering in the city.

See some of the pictures of the incident below

Source: nsemwoha.com

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