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“Mahama worked hard to earn his corruption tag, let him wear it” – Dada Joe

Blogger Joseph Naah-Yerreh better known as Dada Joe has waded in on a conversation going round on social media regarding a joke by a comedian OB Amponsah that has incensed NDC apologists.

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OB Amponsah during his performance at the Citifm December to Remember concert 2019 at the fantasy dome on Christmas Eve, joked that the name Mahama translated to Corruption in Hausa, a local language.

This joke did not go down well with supporters of the NDC who have bashed the comedian online and offline even after OB Amponsah issued an apology letter regarding his joke.

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But Political and entertainment writer for Nsemwoha.com believes that apology wasn’t necessary and that Ghana’s former president truly deserves the corruption tag.

In a Facebook post, Dada Joe wrote;

“Ex-president John Mahama worked hard to earn his corruption tag, and like any proud hard worker, let him wear his tag.

Putting aside the fact that OB Amponsah was only joking, a point he stressed immediately after the joke, the ex president cannot in actuality escape the legacy he left behind.

SADA, WOYOME, AKONF3M, FORD EXPEDITION, OVER-INFLATION OF COST OF PROJECTS, GYEEDA, BRAZIL FIASCO, just to mention a few are the corruption scandals directly supervised by the ex-president or he had oversight responsibility over and this is public knowledge.

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So it is morally wrong and unGhanaian to force an apology from a comedian who did nothing more than joke about the truth.

By condoning such acts, we leave a dangerous precedent for posterity to follow while we as do-nothing inveighers continue to suffer the ramifications of our ineptitude at speaking truth when and where it matters most so the concomitant shame become a deterrent.”

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His Excellency John Mahama is hoping to land a second term in office in the 2020 elections after being defeated by sitting president Nana Akufo-Addo in 2016.