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Mahama and the NDC are being intellectually dishonest on CSE – Dr. Prince Armah

The executive secretary for the National Council for Curriculum and accessment, Dr. Prince Hamid Armah has lambasted the former president, John Mahama and the NDC for their dishonest approach to discussions of the controversial Comprehensive S Education.

News of the possible introduction of the CSE sparked public outrage in a conservative and religious Ghana.

But it was later revealed that the program was started by the previous administration led by Mahama and the NDC in 2013 and was fully funded and taught in our basic schools.

It is on this same understanding that has led Dr. Armah to brand public comments by the NDC and H.E John Mahama condemning CSE, as dishonest and outright propaganda.

Dr. Armah wrote in a post on his Facebook page:

Dear President Mahama and the NDC, respectfully, please don’t do politics with this CSE matter at all…It would amount to double standards… your Government started CSE, you personally opened the international conference that extensively discussed deepening CSE in Ghana.. if the people are not happy with it now, we will deal with it…but you cannot introduce, promote and fund CSE programmes since 2013 and turn around to accuse the Government of introducing something alien to the Ghanaian education ecosystem.

That is intellectual dishonesty, that is propaganda…on the face of all the records available.

And to Mr Jacob Kor, former Director-General, GES, You signed the CSE contract/agreement with UNFPA (the institution that funded the controversial CSE guidelines) so it’s important that you maintain your silence and allow this administration to deal with the matters arising. We will work for the good of Ghana. Propaganda won’t fly.

Source: nsemwoha.com