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Let’s stop concentrating on awards and focus on the music and branding – Shatta Wale advises

Shatta Movement Boss,Shatta Wale has told his fans, artists and all music lovers to stop focusing on awards and concentrate the effort on the music and branding.


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In a lenghty facebook post, Shatta Wale adviced that focusing on Awards means when an award scheme fails, fans will be left with disappointment and resort to attacks whereas if the attention wasn’t on the award, then they wouldn’t care less if they won or not.

He added that, in so doing he would be able to focus on giving and helping artists and fans in whatever way he can so they all enjoy.

He wrote:


Hello brautiful People,

I think it will best if we stop concentrating on awards and focus on the brand and the music for us to enjoy what we have to enjoy through our sweat. Enjoyment in the sense that I can support most of you with the little I do in terms of giving out things like cars, cash etc because those are man’s normal necessities in life…who knows maybe God will bless us so much that I can even give out houses and lands to hard working fans too.

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So please let’s try hard to take our minds off these award schemes in Ghana cuz if today a new award scheme disappoints, I know how hard we will go after them like how we have done to others just because you guys believe I deserve the best but these people only care about the money they can make from you into their pockets…so please and please take this little advice from me your King and let’s push the brand and make the money for our own selves!!! Love you.

Shatta Wale


Shatta Movement