VIDEO: Leaders of Western Togoland separatists group HSGF arrested by Ghana armed forces

The leaders of a group calling itself the Homeland Study Group Foundation, championing the secession of the volta region from Ghana has been arrested by armed forces.

The non violent group insists the western togoland which includes areas in the upper East, Northern region, North East region, Oti region and volta region should separate from Ghana and form their own nation.

Their rational is that the western togoland(British Togoland) wasn’t part of what we now know as Ghana, but was made part of the country in a plebiscite organized by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

In 2017, the leaders were arrested and arraigned before court when they made it clear their intentions to declare independence of the Western Togoland.

The high court in Volta region acquitted them with a six month bond to be of good behavior and use the right channels to address their grievances.



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