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REVEALED: Late Robert Mugabe Used To be a Teacher in Takoradi, Ghana

The death of Robert Mugabe has rocked the world this black Friday.

The former president of Zimbabwe died in a hospital while receiving treatment in Singapore. He was 95.

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One little fact most Ghanaians don’t know is that the late Mugabe once lived and taught in Ghana.

Ghana’s legendary star Kwame Nkrumah inspired the exploits of the late president, it was in following Nkrumah’s steps that made him move to Ghana.


In 1958, Mugabe moved to Ghana to work at St Mary’s Teacher Training College in Takoradi.

He taught at Apowa Secondary School, also at Takoradi, after obtaining his local certification at Achimota College (1958–1960), where he met his first wife, Sally Hayfron.

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According to Mugabe, “I went [to Ghana] as an adventurist. I wanted to see what it would be like in an independent African state”.

Ghana had been the first African state to gain independence from European colonial powers and under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah underwent a range of African nationalist reforms; Mugabe revelled in this environment.

In tandem with his teaching, Mugabe attended the Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute in Winneba.

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Mugabe later claimed that it was in Ghana that he finally embraced Marxism. He also began a relationship with a Ghanaian woman, Sally Hayfron, who worked at the college and shared his political interests.

Mugabe spent two years living and teaching in Ghana and returned to then Rhodesia in 1960 with his Ghanaian partner.

He resigned from his teaching position in Ghana and fully devoted himself to activism which eventually led to the independence of Rhodesia. (Wikipedia)

Source: nsemwoha.com