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Lady narrates how she was nearly used by a scammer

A Nigerian lady on twitter has narrated her harrowing experience with a scammer she was dating. According to the lady who is identified as Ameera Yusuf, she met the fraudster whose name she gave as Richard in a bank.


They exchanged contacts and one thing leads to the other they started dating. The lady narrates that she was made to believe that Richard was a real estate developer.

According to her, Richard invited her to accompany him to go and visit one of his construction sites to inspect the progress of work. Unfortunately, Richard was sending her to a voodoo priest to be used as a sacrifice.

In her narration, she fell asleep on the way and only woke up later to find herself and tied to the ground whiles an old man was chanting some incantations. She quickly realized at this point that she was about to be used as a sacrifice.

She was later saved by police who had chased some armed robbers to the same vicinity. The gunshots that was beign exchanged between the robbers and the police chased Richard and his voodoo accomplishes to away leaving her on the ground.


The police in their search for the robbers met her and rescued her after she narrated her ordeal to them. She therefore admonished every young girl to stay away from internet fraudsters better known in Nigeria as Yahoo Boys.