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Lady Narrates How Man Who Died in Nigeria Appeared In Ghana To Marry And Raise A Family [Screenshots]

We all hear weird and sometimes scary stories of dead people appearing in some city or country to live life afresh and establish him or herself anew following their mostly tragic demise.

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Well, a netizen has narrated one such story that happened close to home. It involved the ‘dead’ husband of her sister.

In her narrative online, she claims her sister kept receiving strange bank deposits after the death of her husband  in an accident and his family taking away almost all Properties from the wife and kids leaving them poor.

According to the lady, it was later revealed by someone who had recently visited Ghana that her sister’s dead husband was in Ghana and had settled with another woman, a union which had resulted in two kids.

The whole story was unbelievable but they finally decided to verify by travelling to Ghana to meet the supposed dead husband.

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To their surprise, they met the wife and kids of the man who according to the Ghanaian wife had gone to work.

After hours of waiting they pursued him to his supposed work place only to find out the work never existed and the man was no where to be found.

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That was how they found out the  man was indeed a ghost who came to settle in Ghana and kept sending his former family money for their upkeep.