Lady asks husband to let her spend more time with bestfriend, he marries her as 2nd wife instead (Video)

A man has surprised his wife by going to an unusual length to deliver a request she made in an effort to please her, maybe.

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The video sighted by shows a man named Javim revealing to his fellow brothers a life hack he had just followed to meet his wife’s request.

Apparently, his first wife requested that her husband Javim grant her permission to spend more time with her bestfriend Sekinat.

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While this would, in the normal sense mean an approval or denial of the request, Javim had something else in mind.

He went ahead to marry Sekinat, his wife’s bestfriend, meaning they can all now be in the same house and she can spend as much time as she wants with her.

The wife obviously protested that, that’s not exactly what she meant but it was already done, becareful what you wish for.

Watch the video below

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