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Ladies claim they want God-fearing men but demand iPhone 11 instead of King James Bible – Man jabs 

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A man’s reverence to God have since time immemorial been one of the major qualities ladies look out for to ascertain whether or not he will be a good man to settle with.

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While this quality is more than ever relevant today, men have started to question what a Good fearing woman should behave like and most importantly be asking for to prove she values the things of God, reason for which she wants a God-fearing man.

The truth is, Ladies of today have become overly materialistic and demand the latest and expensive gadgets from the men they’re dating, and it seems a bible isn’t on their item list, ever.

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One netizen, have reasoned if ladies really insist on men being God-fearing, then the first thing they should be asking for is a bible, a king James bible to be precise, to show they’re equally God-fearing and indeed value the things of God than the vanities of this world.

Ivan Adu took to Facebook to write: “Some girls will be like, I want to marry a God fearing man meanwhile they are demanding for iPhone 11 instead of king James Bible ????”

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