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Ladies beware, some guys don’t hit and run, they hit and hit until you run – Man advices

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Ladies have since time immemorial accused guys for targeting them for their honeypot and when they get a taste of it, run out of the relationship, that’s if there ever was one.

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The phrase “hit and run” therefore has become synonymous to guys who propose to ladies just to smash.

Well, a social media influencer, has come out to advice ladies on a new strategy some guys have adopted.

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According to Kwaku Agyemang-Duah, some guys no longer ‘hit and run’, instead they hit, hit and hit until the ladies run by themselves.

Effectively, he purports that ladies who may be tempted to think they have pinned down a guy because they have had more than one sixcapade will eventually be forced to run as the demand for more and constant bedroom activity becomes too much to bear, so ladies should beware.

“Some guys don’t hit and run, they just hit and the ladies run.” He wrote

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