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Kelvin Akomeah Writes: NASPA Is Losing Its Sense Of Purpose And Direction


The unfortunate crisis at present brewing within the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) over the compulsory one-off deduction of GH₵ 35 from the allowances of National Service Personnel in the subvented category makes no sense to me at all. I have read thoroughly through all the communiques and also made enquiries concerning the issue but still can’t make head or tail of the issue.

With my little experience and knowledge on NASPA, I do know there is a deduction of GH₵ 15 in the month of June with the funds going into the nationwide celebration of NASPA week. This is something that happens every year even though it is totally wrong in my opinion for National Service Personnel to pay GH₵ 40 as registration to serve the country and from this fee GH 10 goes into the coffers of NASPA as NASPA membership dues which caters for the welfare of National Service Personnel for the mandatory one year service period but yet still Personnel have to pay GH₵ 15 for just a week celebration.

Well, I don’t have any issues with the dues to run NASPA but have a problem with the GH₵ 10 dues being paid into the account of NSS together with the GH 30 for registration. NASPA should have an account of its own where Personnel will pay a fixed amount as dues to run NASPA because the whole concept of paying NASPA dues and then getting some amount deducted from our allowances for NASPA week dues is absurd because by the terms and conditions of our service as contained in the appointment letters issued to us by NSS, we are to be paid a monthly non-taxable allowance of GH₵ 559.04.

This is just by the way as we all know that this inappropriate action will continue due to our unwillingness to change and do what is right. The point I am trying to make here is I know about the GH₵15 in the month of June deduction of our allowances and every single district executive know about it as well. The deduction they don’t know about which I also find strange is the additional GH₵ 20 deducted for the Lacoste shirt for the purpose of rebranding of the Scheme.

Now this brings me to the annoying part. I have read lots of reasons from concerned NSPs on why deducting GH₵ 20 from our allowance for the Lacoste shirt is unnecessary and they all make a strong case. After reading the communique from the National Executive Council (NEC) of NASPA, I briefly wondered if this association has lost its sense of purpose and direction. Sadly it’s true. How can association set up to seek the best interests of National Service Personnel have its leaders clearly stating that the idea of the Lacoste as part of the rebranding process was by the National Service Scheme and not theirs. Then what is the need of the association if we going to accept every decisions by the scheme regardless of the concerns of the NSPs. Already there are pressing issues concerning the association and it’s membership and if it can’t just serve it’s main purpose then it is sad to say to there is no need for the association.

Kudos to NASPA Accra Metro executives for the big step you have taken to address this issue. I hope all other district executives will join this fight against these illegal deduction of dues. To the National Executive Council, this should serve as a wake up call. Go back and revise this decision considering our best interests first.

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