Home General News Just In: Woman drowns her own son in abandoned well at Somanya

Just In: Woman drowns her own son in abandoned well at Somanya


A woman, simply known as Rita Dede, 25, drowned her own son, Joseph, 5, in a neglected well at Ogome, a suburb of Somanya in Yilo Krobo.


Three days ago, the mother made an announcement at the Ogome information center to inform the general public of the sudden ”missing” of her son. And that, if in case anyone sees him, he/she should return the boy to her.

A popular pastor in the area, who heard of the missing boy’s story, revealed to the family that the mother of the deceased was responsible for the missing of the son and that, the family should ask her (Rita) to lead them to where she committed the heinuous crime.

This morning, Wednesday, a while ago, Rita led the family to an abandoned well at Ogome where the body of Joseph was seen floating on the surface of the water.


The Somanya Police Command are currently at the scene. The said Rita have been arrested for questioning.

Scores of people are currently trooping to catch a glimpse of the incident at Somanya Ogome.

However, the body is still floating in the well water as seen in the picture below.

Viewer discretion is advised on the photo

Picture Credit: Krobea Asante Ntomentwene Tofepa

Source: Kloma Hengme

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