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Just in: Court declares Asamoah Gyan is Father of all 3 children with Gifty after DNA Test

The high court Accra, Divorce and matrimonial court division this morning has declared that according to the DNA results, all three kids of Gifty Gyan and Asamoah Gyan are truly his’


An earlier report we filed revealed how wife of Asamoah Gyan was proposing a police Hospital DNA test under CID supervision to ensure the results was not tampered with. Another proposal emerged for the test to be conducted abroad which was also not accepted.

Reliable sources within the Gyan family told Obrempong-Nana Media how Asamoah Gyan finally admitted that he “ordered” his elder brother Baffour Gyan to file for the DNA request on his behalf as he was out of jurisdiction at the time, expressing worry about attacks on his brother as a “home-breaker”, eyeing his properties.

It is not yet clear what “secret” evidence Asamoah Gyan and his brother Baffour Gyan have against Mrs Gifty Gyan regarding the paternity of the Asamoah’s three children, but the Gyan brothers have insisted that they are very sure they will be vindicated if the DNA test were conducted immediately, Obrempong-Nana Media was told.

Currently, Gifty Gyan’s 2002 marriage of convenience for a Visa allegedly with the knowledge of then Liberty Professionals player Asamoah Gyan, is the subject of a raging court battle between she and her husband of 5 years and fiancée of 11 years. They married in 2013 after they had dated for 11 years. She got pregnant in 2005 and gave birth to the player’s firstborn Frederick Asamoah Gyan who is sons Asamoah Gyan says looked like 4×4’s Captain Planet and Prince David Osei combined.

The Black Stars Captain is therefore praying the marriage court to wipe the marriage off the record (annulment) as if it never happened.

So far, the DNA test which was supposed to take place on the 19th November, 2018 was rescheduled on the request of Baffour Gyan, acting on the authority of his brother Asamoah Gyan. The new date is now 26th December, 2018.

Reliable sources within the family told aobrempongnana.wordpress.comhow Asamoah Gyan has reportedly refused to talk to Gifty or the three children since August when he filed for annulment in court.

Already, it has been revealed that Asamoah Gyan only saw his children 2 or 3 times every year, when he visited them to take pictures to post on his social media or on their birthdays which he seldom made time for.

He also visited his children and wife with a huge entourage everytime, making it impossible for the nuclear family to have quality time together which also contributed to the strain between the couple.

Source: aobrembongnana

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