Home Exclusives John Dumelo schools Akufo-Addo on how to distribute Ambulances

John Dumelo schools Akufo-Addo on how to distribute Ambulances


Actor, Entrepreneur and Politician, John Dumelo has sent out a suggestion to the president on the strategy he should use to distribute the parked ambulances acquired for all the constituencies in Ghana.

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A number of the Ambulances arrived in the country a few weeks ago and have been parked in the premises of parliament awaiting the rest before distribution to the various Constituencies begins.

Although some section of the general public have mounted pressure on the president to commence distribution of the ambulances while we wait for the others to arrive, the president hasn’t budged, recently justifying his decision by saying same Ghanaians would complain some constituencies have been left out should he start distribution now.

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Mr. Dumelo, on the other hand believes the president has no reason to hold on to the ambulances while the people need them especially Northern Ghana where healthcare delivery and facilities are the poorest.

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Dear @NAkufoAddo, please my suggestion. Start the distribution of the ambulances from the Northern sector. There are less than 70 constituencies up there. Savannah, Upper West, Upper East, North East and the Northern region. Then when the next batch arrives in January, you shift to the middle sector and then finally to the Southern constituencies. Please don’t wait till all of them arrive before distributing them. People are dying. #savelives #releaseambulance” he wrote monday afternoon in a post on social media.


The ambulances were acquired under the governments one district one ambulance initiative purchased from the 1 district $1million fund under the auspices of the ministry of special initiatives.